Students Counseling

Students Counseling

The five stages of counseling:

  • Relationship building
  • Assessment
  • goal setting
  • Intervention and termination form the basic counseling structure, regardless of the type of therapeutic form the therapist chooses to practice.
  • Campus ministry

Student Mentorning

This partnership with mentorship is specifically designed to help students excel in college. Student mentors can meet with students on a weekly basis to promote, listen, and make recommendations about their current activities and classes.

Life Skills

Life skills are adaptive and constructive behaviour skills that enable people to cope effectively with life’s demands and challenges. They are the skills that help you to manage everything from interactions with others to your emotions being detected and processed.

Carrer development

Career Development refers to the process that a person can undergo in order to improve their job status. We will guide the process of making long-term learning choices to match private physical or psychological satisfaction needs with career development opportunities.

    Morning Star College

    Morning Star Arts and Science College for Women is an institution for higher education, established and run by the century old Congregation of Immaculate Conception (Sivagangai Province) to provide quality education to the aspiring young girls belonging to economically, educationally and socially backward area in and around Kamuthi and the other parts of Ramnad and Sivagangai Districts.
    Abiramam - Pasumpon, Kottai Medu - Post Kamuthi Tk, Ramnad Dt. — 623 604